01_Life Stripe_bw 03_Life Stirpe, Baby Giraffe, Yokohama, 26.05.2012, (0), ♂_bw 07_Exhibition, Milan 2014_bw

Life Stripe

JHL 02_The Carpenters_ Line exhibition photography_Jérémie Souteyrat_Japan House London_Medium _1000 x 1000_2 03_The Carpenters Line exhibition photography_Jeremie Souteyrat_Image_ Japan House London_Medium _1000 x 1000_7

The Carpenters’ Line: Woodworking Heritage in Hida Takayama

01_DSF5188 02_DSF5276-2 03_DSF5196

Color Gadget

01_R3A8353 02_R3A8101 03_R3A7960

Much Peace, Love and Joy

01_A06_80A7448p 02_C01_80A7680p 03_A16_INB7262p

Color Jungle

01_Poster, 10 Colors_bw 07_Flag_bw 05_Poster, 10 Colors_bw

The National Art Center, Tokyo 10th Anv.

_H1A2093 _H1A2302 _H1A5055


01_80A0364_1 02_INB4792 03_80A0720

Factory Museum

_INB5365 _INA5501 _INA5517

Mesh Virus-Control Flag Partition

celvokelogo celvoke_6 02_2021SS_visual_201117_03


_D_A9549 03_Key Visual, 2015 image5

Factory Festival

JOL_アートボード 1 のコピー 8 カタログ2021_80A6763 NICHIESU_web_230616


01_CONTRAST 04._FLARE, FOREST 09_Packaging

Ito Oriza Imabari

image6 image2 08_Installation, Milan 2018_bw

Haru Stuck-On Design;

01_ミッフィー_クレジット入り_3ol-01_72 02_ミッフィー_クレジット入り_3ol-02_72 03_ミッフィー_クレジット入り_3ol-03_72

The Story Is Inside You

HARU_MDW18_01_DIV7358 HARU_MDW18_02_DIV7465_ HARU_MDW18_03_DIV6919_

Bring Color into Your Life

01_Biology of Metal_bw 02_Biology of Metal_bw 05_Biology of Metal_bw

Biology of Metal

HARU_MDW18_16_INA8420 HARU_MDW18_00_INA8093 HARU_MDW18_07_INB8432

Color Appreciation

05_DSC9315++ のコピー 06_DSC9251 _80A1164

Different Worlds

01_04_INB3330 02_09_80A7793 03_31_J5A0675

Spread by Spread: What Color is Tomorrow?

Ornamental-Contrast_04 Ornamental-Contrast_26 Ornamental-Contrast_06

Ornamental Contrast

Living Colours: Kasane – the Language of Japanese Colour Combinations Living Colours: Kasane – the Language of Japanese Colour Combinations Living Colours: Kasane – the Language of Japanese Colour Combinations

Living Colours



Roppongi Color Canyon by SPREAD_01 Photo_10 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_38 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_35

Roppongi Color Canyon

_INA0030 _INA0014 _INA0017

For Japanese Sheeple

_80A0851 _80A0854 _80A0856

Journal of Architecture and Building Science

_INA9971 _INA9969

The Nature of Time Exhibition

_INA9522 _INA0029_02 _INA0104

Golden Age


Outline of Design

01_Sign _INA9478 _INA4415

Rooth 2-3-3

001_INB7724 002_INA0867 003_INA0825


_80A1733 _80A2658 _80A3278

Kaji Museum

flogo F_Organic_set_0523_rgb F_Organic_building_0523_rgb

F Organics

萩原精肉店LOGO-01 130226_oniku 30978 kamakura-1047_8_9

Meat Shop Hagiwara

08_fuji 22808 fuji_image

Japan Water


Field Good

o_maincut _INA9956 _INA9950

O by F

01_80A9825 02_DSF5638 03_80A0009

Time is Like a Flower

GG_amoeba集合カット_0502_薔薇S_02_W1700 _80A2599_230217 _80A2595_230217



Timeless, Mountain

04_正しい相対性理論 05_正しい相対性理論 06_正しい相対性理論

Tadashii Soutaiseiriron

01_Sense of Wonder-01 02_49V5749 03_Sense of Wonder-05

Sense of Wonder Artbook, DVD & Borage

001_00018_DIV0025_1 002_00026_DIV0026_1 003_00019_DIV0027_1

Cocytus Kana Hanazawa

cut_D_fin cut_P_fin cut_R_fin

Yakushimaru Etsuko / Radio Onsen Eutopia

01_INA6393 02_INB3811 03_INB3802

Roots of Metalcraft

Spectrum_01_bw Spectrum_09_bw Spectrum_02_bw


_80A6793 _80A6801

Axis Photo Marche

001_INA2003 002_INA2006 003_INA2007

Miele Dishwashers Stories

173_00173_DIV0396 174_00174_DIV0393 175_00175_DIV0394

3.11 Film Festival

118_00118_DIV0265 119_00119_DIV0271 120_00120_DIV0272

Honba Yuki Tsumugi

_DSC8980 _DSC8495