SPREAD is a creative unit founded by Hirokazu Kobayashi and Haruna Yamada in 2004, merging respective experiences in landscape and graphic design. Our projects use color as the primary medium, and by dismantling and rebuilding memory, we spread multidisciplinary creations to the future.

The National Art Center, Tokyo 10th Anv.

01_Poster, 10 Colors_bw 07_Flag_bw 05_Poster, 10 Colors_bw

Haru Stuck-On Design;

03_Installation, Milan 2019_bw image2 08_Installation, Milan 2018_bw

Color Jungle

01_A06_80A7448p 02_C01_80A7680p 03_A16_INB7262p

Mesh Virus-Control Flag Partition

1_Red_FlagPartition_01_logo 2_Red_FlagPartition_07_logo 3_Red_FlagPartition_02_logo


Spectrum_01_bw Spectrum_09_bw Spectrum_02_bw