Nichiesu, 2019-
Photography: Ooki Jingu

Branding for an outdoor furniture distributor under the slogan “Joy of Outdoor Living”

We have been in charge of the art direction for Nichiesu, a developer and manufacturer of outdoor furniture brands. Starting with the renewal of the typeface for the company’s tag line (“Joy of Outdoor Living”) we started making their catalogs in 2020, followed by a full website renewal in 2021. The cover and opening page of the catalog center around the question: Why do we go outside? For the photography, we commissioned a mountain photographer to emphasize the extreme limits of outdoor activities.

Diverse skyscape photographs were used on the cover and introduction page of the catalog in 2020, and photos of stones with various colors and expressions were used in 2021. The website is designed to present the unique brands the company works with in a harmonious way that expresses their sophisticated affluence.

Art Direction & Design: Spread
Catalog: Photo: Kazuhiro Kodaira, Spread / Printing & Bookbinding: Shashin Kagaku Co., Ltd.
Website Production: Argonäut Co., Ltd.

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