Rooth 2-3-3

Be The One, Inc., 2018-
Photo: Ooki Jingu

A branding campaign for a food and beverage facility that aims to become a community hub. The motif was designed to resemble a street sign.

We were responsible for the branding direction and design of Rooth 2-3-3, a dining facility in Omuta, Fukuoka, which opened in 2018. Based on the concept "Roots of Thinking," Rooth 2-3-3 is the flagship store for a project that seeks to create a space based on hospitality and communication. It is located in a historic brick building near Omuta Station. The three-tiered gradation used in the logo is a reference to the name of the establishment, which incorporates the address of the location, and symbolizes the store taking root and becoming part of the local area. The vermilion overlay represents a seed, a field, Japan, and flavor. The sign was created with the idea of “taking root,” and the design was developed with the sign as a motif. An original font was created, referring to the typeface used for residential signs.

Supervision: Method Inc. / Branding Direction & Design: Spread / Space Design: Moment Inc. / Coffee Production: Obscura Coffee Roasters / Newspaper Curation: Kota Ishizaki / Editing: Rédaction / BGM Selection: Hibiki Tokiwa

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