Ito Oriza Imabari

Kobo Oriza Ltd., 2010-
Photo: Ooki Jingu

Traditional techniques are updated to create conceptually colored, original stoles

In 2010, the innovative weaver, Kobo Oriza, from Imabari in Ehime Prefecture, Japan, went back to the basics of textiles, valuing how beautifully threads cross and tie together using old looms from 100 years ago. The same results cannot be obtained by the high-speed looms of today. Kobo Oriza’s passion, technique, and take on modernity led them to launch Ito, a new brand of stoles. We were in charge of art direction and design to help them broaden their world of beautifully created, unique and light textiles. Ito creates unique stoles, such as Wave, using textiles created by a warp and weft winding weave technique which enables the expression of distinctive wave-like patterns. People enjoy Contrast, a series of stoles with patterns and colors that appear in inverse on both sides of the material. Their stoles have many different expressions. Gift packages show the ‘Ori’ mechanism with a plain weaving technique by weaving together four paper strips. We talked to the technicians to understand their perspective. With that experience, we were able to put their concept into words, and worked on designs with an understanding of what the brand represents.

Weaving: Kobo Oriza Ltd. / Art Direction & Design: Spread / Gift Package Manufacturer: All Right Printing

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