Client: Material Connexion Tokyo, 2017
Photography: Ooki Jingu

In 2017, we participated in the Material Design Exhibition, a project that matches several companies with designers to jointly research different technologies and exhibit the results. In collaboration with Toyo Aluminium, we analyzed CHROMASHINE®, an aluminum interference pigment that takes on color through optical interference without the use of any coloring agents. The image constantly shifts, with the change in color making it difficult to establish an impression. By analyzing the potential of such materials, identifying how they can be used, and reviewing and organizing transmission methods, we conducted an extensive study to expand expression by using Chromashine. If the paper printed with Chromashine is folded only once in a simple shape, the paper itself is angled so that it is possible to see the changes in color without moving the point of view. We thought this would help to establish the image of the changing colors. By printing the same pattern on black and white paper, we proposed the possibility of using the paper as gift paper or origami paper, allowing the user to easily touch the material and to see the smooth reflection of light. The problem of the paper being difficult to handle because of the shifting colors was solved by producing color swatches.

Cooperation: Toyo Aluminium K.K. / Art Direction & Design: Spread

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