Mash Beauty Lab Co., Ltd., 2016-
Photo: Motoki Nihei, Akinori Ito, Ooki Jingu

Branding for natural beauty brand Celvoke

Under the theme “women with depth”, Spread developed an identity in transparent black.

Aiming to expand natural and organic cosmetic culture, Mash Beauty Lab launched the total-beauty brand Celvoke in 2016. This is the company’s original brand, developed to support women who lead positive lives while balancing beauty and health and respecting their own lifestyles. Resonating with their intentions, we worked on the art direction and design of their marketing, including the branding, logo, packaging, cosmetic cases, collection visuals, advertisements, and pamphlets. Celvoke was released under the theme “women with depth” and an identity in transparent black was developed. Bright and clear black material were used for the packaging. Through seasonal themes, their collection visuals reflect the multifaceted nature of women.

Brand Direction: Yoko Tagami / Art Direction & Design: Spread
Collection Visuals: Photo: Akinori Ito / Makeup Art: Mikako Kikuchi / Hair Styling: Koichi Nishimura / Styling: Kei Shirahata, Rena Senba

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