SPREAD wins Red Dot Design Award

Different Worlds, which connects 196 QR codes to countries around the world, has been awarded ‘Best of the Best’ at the Red dot Design Award 2023.Best of the Best is an award for particularly outstanding design, and out of the total number of entries of the total number of entries is less than 1%.

We are delighted to have been recognised with this prestigious award, with the Grand Prix for two years in a row, 2021 and 2022, and Best of the Best in 2023.

We were also awarded the ‘Red Dot winner’ for our installation ‘Much Peace, Love and Joy’, which is used colour to create joy and vitality in people’s hearts.

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s most respected design awards with a 68-year history. It is divided into three categories – Product, Brand & Communication and Concept – and is judged by international design experts on criteria such as design innovation, functionality, ergonomics and durability.

Different Worlds

Consists of 196 QR codes, all of which lead to the websites of 196 governments around the world. This is a ‘square globe’ representing today’s society: scan a QR code and some randomly selected country appears, opening up a diverse and complex world to you. The work asks the question: how do I face and interact with this open world now?

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Much Peace, Love and Joy

This installation was created in 2021 with the idea of creating joy with colour in a world sinking due to a pandemic. Using a special letterpress printing process, we printed gradations in vivid colours, which are never the same, and then cut the printed matter into strips by hand to create shapes that are never the same. The work is then composed of a number of these forms. This is a metaphor for all kinds of beings and concepts, and the experience of imagination is depends on the person.

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