Much Peace, Love and Joy

Spread, 2020-
Photography: Ooki Jingu, Spread

Much Peace, Love and Joy is an installation born out of a desire to create joy with color in a world sinking due to the coronavirus pandemic. Special letterpress printing techniques were used to print gradations in vivid colors, each one unique. The printed material was torn by hand to create different shapes. This work is composed of a number of these shapes, which appear to float outdoors in the natural vegetation. The installation is a metaphor for any being or concept, and the viewer's imagination shapes the experience. Color fostered joy and created a vitality that propelled people forward.

As a result of enduring the social crises caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which began in 2020, people's hearts stagnated unconsciously. Much Peace, Love and Joy became one of the works that created joy and vitality in people's hearts with color.

Color itself is beautiful. Every person has a color they like. One of the many colors in this work will react to a person's individual sensibilities and connect the imagination to the surrounding crowd of colors. Or a large, abstract colored landscape will appear in front of them and envelop them. People then experience a journey through their memories and imaginations as they interact with the colors. There is a joy that comes from within each one of us when we see color.

Much Peace, Love and Joy is a creation that brings joy to people and moves society forward with the beauty and power of colors to move human senses and emotions. It was produced in the hope that through the use of colors, much love, peace and joy will come to all individuals; it is a work that touched people's hearts.

Art Direction & Design: Spread / Produce: Mika Takizawa (Dentsu Live) / Production: Live Art Books Inc., Print + Plant / Venue: Alcova (Via Simone Saint Bon n.1, Milano, 20147)

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