Yakushimaru Etsuko / Radio Onsen Eutopia

Mirai Records, 2013
Photography: Ooki Jingu

The special limited edition of Yakushimaru Etsuko's studio live album, Radio Onsen Eutopia, released in 2013, was sold as a set containing a CD, a cassette tape, and a booklet. The design for the CD was round, the cassette was square, and the booklet was triangular. There were few examples of triangular cases, so it took trial and error to create. The design is centered around the key object, slate, drawn by Yakushimaru, and the stamped gold foil of the booklet consisted of lines and dots. The lines were created by scattering finely broken mechanical pencil leads over the paper, which was then scanned, and the dots were stamped using the tip of a pencil-shaped eraser. There is a hidden Morse code in the pattern.

Client: Mirai Records / Art Direction & Drawing: Etsuko Yakushimaru / Art Direction & Design: Spread / Printing: Toyokasei Co., Ltd. / Photography: Ooki Jingu
©Etsuko Yakushimaru

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