Timeless, Mountain

Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd., 2014
Photo: Ooki Jingu

Takeo Co, Ltd., a company specializing in paper, and the magazine, Brain, a specialist magazine for creatives in advertising (publishesd by Sendenkaigi), started a bi-monthly series, Kanjiru Book Jacket(“a book jacket you can feel”). We assisted in the production of the series, collaborating with creators using different types of fine papers to make bound covers Vent Nouveau, a fine paper with a 20-year history, was used for this particular series. The graphic work, Timeless, Mountain, shows overlapping mountains in pink and light green, with silver representing snow-covered mountains, in addition to silver and pearl foil. Viewers have their own interpretations when looking at this art piece. Vent Nouveau paper is known for its color development, and images are precisely printed onto the paper. With these characteristics, we were able to show vivid colors running through the triangular mountain range. We were inspired by the universal beauty of shapes and patterns created by nature, such as limestone caves, that can only be achieved unintentionally, and attempted to incorporate these characteristics into our design.

Client: Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd. / Cooperation: Takeo Co., Ltd. / Art Direction & Design: Spread / Printing & Production: Bihaku Watanabe Co., Ltd. / Photo: Ooki Jingu