The Story Is Inside You

PLAY! MUSEUM, The Asahi Shimbun Company, 2020
Photo: Ooki Jingu

An installation for the Miffy 65th Anniversary Exhibition 2021 at PLAY! MUSEUM, Tachikawa, Tokyo

Miffy picture book scenes are deconstructed into colors and lines and reconstructed in space. A 200-meter-long black rope appears to dance across the exhibition space like a brushstroke. Abstract colored surfaces develop into a giant graphic work large enough to cover the walls. The exhibition design expresses the dynamism and joy felt by a small child reading a picture book.

We resonated with the words of Dick Bruna, Dutch picture book author and creator of Miffy: "What I make must be simple and imaginative for the viewer". And we wondered if we could deconstruct the Miffy already in people's heads and create a mechanism to drive their imagination.

Miffy 65th Anniversary Exhibition 2021 © Mercis bv / Term: Saturday 10 July–Sunday 12 September, 2021 / Venue: PLAY! MUSEUM / Planning Cooperation: Dick Bruna Japan, Mercis bv / Installation: Spread

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