Takata Lemnos, Inc., 2008
Photo: Takashi Suzuki

A Japanese clock manufacturer, Takata Lemnos, Inc. launched the Spread Clock—a clock with designed by Spread. Before developing the new product, the manufacturer was on a journey to discover new clock face designs and requested our involvement based on our expertise in graphic design. Our response to this request was the decomposition and reconstruction of time. The clock face (dial) is likened to the surface of water and numerals are floating and shimmering on the surface. The series comes in two different styles—Bright, in which the numerals, shadowed by a luminous orange hue, ripple and dissolve into the background, and Float, which renders the emergence of numerical blocks in fluorescent blue and pink. Gracefully disrupting the traditional semiotics of the clock index, the new visual proposes a new approach towards artwork that is similar to conceptual art. We assume that time changes in a fixed order, just like the hands on the clock shift unerringly every hour and minute. Our design team gave a new interpretation to this notion—time changes in diverse ways depending on the sensibility of the person who experiences it. The design challenges the conventional definition of time.

Art Direction & Design: Spread

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