The CD package is cut from solid metal and fixed in industrial bolt.

This is a limited-edition CD of new musics recorded by the Japanese rock band "Soutaiseiriron" and the American techno DJ "Jeff Mills". The package is cut out from solid metal. The CD containing both musicians' new musics is secured to it with an industrial bolt. It is then packaged in styrofoam wrap and sealed using tape that has a yellow and black design, which indicates "caution" on industrial products. In a download-centric era, we were able to give new meaning to the CD as an object though its packaging.

The title, "Spectrum" refers to the breaking up and ordering of complex signals through the diffraction and interference of light. The source of this design was the concept of "Sangaku (old Japanese mathematical puzzle) offered in devotion to the universe", which was discussed at a meeting between the musicians. It also seeks to express the concepts of Art, Industrial, Experimentation, and Minimalism. The solution was these metal objects, each one cut carefully and individually by Tsubame-sanjo area in Japan, which boasts the best metal processing technology in the world. The total weight of 0.5kg and the lack of a CD jacket are an attempt to convey deep consideration for the musicians' work and the presence of the object itself.

Design Studio: SPREAD (http://www.spread-web.jp)
Art Director: SPREAD (Haruna Yamada and Hirokazu Kobayashi), Etsuko Yakushimaru
Designer: SPREAD (Haruna Yamada and Hirokazu Kobayashi)
Drawings: Etsuko Yakushimaru (http://yakushimaruetsuko.com)
Producer: Kazuhiro Moriya
Client: mirai records (http://mirairecords.com)
Production of Metal: Tsubame-Sanjo

_D_B3393 _D_B3239_03 _D_B3230_02 _D_B3255_02 _D_B3231_03 _D_B3315_03 _D_B3361_02 _D_B3221_03 02_相対性理論×Jeff Mills 「スペクトラム」