Roppongi Color Canyon

Tokyo Midtown, 2019
Photography: Ooki Jingu

We created an installation for the design event Tokyo Midtown Design Touch 2019, hosted by Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, Tokyo. Taking the concept of soaking in colors, we covered Midtown Garden with colorful mesh (2.5 m by 2 km in length) to form a colorful 80-meter-long canyon. Midtown Garden resembles mountain peaks, forests, and lawn, and the sheer fabrics blend in with the flowing landscape. Wind touches the mesh and natural landscape peeks between the movement of the fabric. This canyon consists of two colors, red and blue, representing arteries and veins flowing through the bodies of the people who visit the site. They experience the feeling of being wrapped in color. We have always been familiar with Midtown Garden but once we visited to observe, we again realized that this place attracts a wide range of people who spend their time in comfort. We overlapped the idea of a never-ending stream of people on the site with the changing grand scenery of mountains and oceans.

Dates: October 18–November 14, 2019 / Venue: Tokyo Midtown Garden (Roppongi, Tokyo) / Client: Tokyo Midtown / Art Direction & Design: Spread / Mesh Manufacturer: NBC Meshtec Inc. / Construction: Waki Process Inc. / PR: Miho Kawamura (Daily Press) / Photography: Ooki Jingu

Roppongi Color Canyon by SPREAD_01 Photo_10 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_38 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_35 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_32 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_17 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_28 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_09 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_33 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_36 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_02 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_37 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_34