Waving surface of water, ever connecting mountain tops - how many colors exist within these scenes we cherish and take for granted? More For example, in the ocean, numerous phenomenons such as flow of air, moving creatures create layers that produce a section both light and dark. In the dark blue color of the ocean we can obviously find light and dark, but also darkness exists within light, and light within darkness. We humans are fascinated by such contrasts of light and dark hidden behind the colors that can be seen.

The site for this projects is a garden where people normally pass by without paying much attention. However this site has a rich history of 400 years and is still changing; first it was a land of the Mouri family in Edo period, then the imperial army took over in Meiji period. After World War II, there was an accommodation facility for the US army, and after it was returned to Japan, self-defense forces kept an office on this ground. Now Tokyo Midtown, a retail and culture destination in the heart of Roppongi, draws many visitors everyday.

By combining the historical backgrounds of the site and the beauty of the colors and contrasts, we have installed “Roppongi Color Canyon”. With the use of mesh-cloths over 1km long, the red and blue representing the blood veins of all the people that have walked through this area in the past. The layers of color and the natural scenary overlap in this work.

Changing sunlight, and sudden waves of colored surfaces. Embraced with colors, we hope for the viewers to enjoy their conversation with this color-scape.

Title: Roppongi Color Canyon
Term: Fri 18 Oct - Mon 4 Nov, 2019
Venue: Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi), Midtown Garden 

Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_17 Roppongi Color Canyon by SPREAD_01 Photo_10 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_38 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_35 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_32 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_28 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_09 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_33 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_36 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_02 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_37 Roppongi-Color-Canyon-by-SPREAD_01-Photo_34