Ornamental Contrast

Spread, 2019
Photography: Ooki Jingu

In 2019, we presented the work, Ornamental Contrast. Based on the “beauty of contrast”, that we are keenly aware of through the selection and composition of colors in our creative work, we wanted to explore, delve into and contemplate its origins, scoping out the contrast between light and dark, and exploring the essence of the colorscape. All the colors we recognize are created by innumerable wavelengths of light. For example, the leaves on trees absorb the red and blue from the sunlight and reflect only the green to deliver their color. Although a rather crude perspective, it is light that is the true source of color, and it is light and shadow that create the colorscape. This exhibition was also an experiment in exploring the myriad contrasts of light and dark lying behind the colors that form the various scenes of morning glow, sunset and splashing waves. The work was commissioned to a factory in Tsubame-Sanjo, one of Japan’s leading manufacturing towns. A paper-thin aluminum sheet was bent and painted with a matte, non-reflective paint that was mixed with sand to create countless lights and shadows with a fine unevenness. Sand grain sizes were selected from a whole range of sandpaper samples. The title is inspired by ornamental plants, and aims to give power to the entire space by placing “ornamental contrast” in positions as if they were plants.

Dates: October 31–November 23, 2019 / Venue: (Place) by Method (Shibuya, Tokyo) / Production: Itagaki Kinzoku,Toyama Works, Garage 67 / Art Direction & Design: Spread / Photography: Ooki Jingu

Ornamental-Contrast_26 Ornamental-Contrast_06 Ornamental-Contrast_15 Ornamental-Contrast_05 Ornamental-Contrast_09 Ornamental-Contrast_25 Ornamental-Contrast_14 Ornamental-Contrast_22 Ornamental-Contrast_11 Ornamental-Contrast_23 Ornamental-Contrast_07 Ornamental-Contrast_10 Ornamental-Contrast_03 Ornamental-Contrast_27