JIA-KIT Architectural Archives, 2019
Photography: Ooki Jingu

In 2019, we handled the project design for an exhibition by landscape architect Ryoko Ueyama and her Vortex colleagues: Prospective Landscapes: A Retrospective—Drawing Exhibition “Vortex.” The project began with Ueyama donating her own drawings to the JIA-KIT Architectural Archives, and was organized by a group of her former students and friends, including us, who formed Vortex. In addition to proposing ideas, such as the use of light boxes for the exhibition fixtures, we lead the artistic direction of a book which cataloged the drawings and comments presented in the exhibition. The foundations of our design activities, such as research-based idea development, output which seeks lasting results, and design that imbues experience, were largely learned at the Nagaoka Institute of Design from Ryoko Ueyama and continue to influence our current activities.

Dates: October 19–26, 2019 / Venue: Grand Hall, Architect's House (Jingumae, Tokyo) / Organizer: JIA-KIT Architectural Archives / Design: Spread, Mindscape + “Vortex” Colleagues / Construction: Waki Process Inc. / Author & Editor: Ryoko Ueyama, Kazuaki Seki & “Vortex” / Publisher: Specified Non-Profit / Corporation for the Inheritance of Architectural Culture / Photography: Ooki Jingu

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