Golden Age

Wacoal Art Center, 2018-2019
Photography: Jingu Ooki

Golden Age, by the Finnish artist Marita Liulia, was held at Spiral from the end of 2018 through to January 2019. During this time, Spiral Golden Winter was also held at the same venue. All the shops, restaurants, and displays were decorated in gold to match the color of the art exhibition. For this event, we designed the facade that guides people in and out of the facility. We had inspiration from the idea of moving from one year to another. The facade was designed with motifs of the roman numerals, XVIII and XIX for 18 and 19, styling the entrance which gradually extends from the inside of the building to the outside.

Dates: December 4, 2018–January 17 ,2019 / Venue: Spiral (Tokyo, Aoyama) / Organizer: Wacoal Art Center / Art Direction & Design: Spread / Cooperation: Nitoms, Inc. / Photography: Jingu Ooki

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