The idea behind Life Stripe is to find patterns in our everyday existence by using bands of color. Life Stripe lets you see your daily, weekly or monthly routines in an exciting way, and helps you discover something about yourself.
A Life Stripe work is a “pattern of life” made by replacing one’s everyday actions such as sleeping, dining, relaxing, and working, with 21 colors selected based on research, and recording them along a 24-hour axis.
We collected over 150,000 life records of both well-known and ordinary people of various careers, circumstances, genders, age, as well as animals, and made Life Stripe works based on them. We continue to this day.
Inside Japan, we have done exhibitions at Spiral Garden in Minami-Aoyama, and Traumaris Space in Ebisu. As for overseas, we held exhibitions for 3 consecutive years at Fuorisalone in Milano.
Through this method of expression which was inspired by a friend’s withdrawal from society, we have faith and teach that “Living life creates a beautiful pattern” and “looking back on the past helps to create a future”.

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