Takahashihiroko Inc., 2015
Photo: Ooki Jingu

We were in charge of art direction and design of the packaging for the brand Hirocoledge, by the designer Hiroko Takahashi. Takahashi introduces new perspectives through the evolution of traditional craftsmanship, including that of the kimono (Japanese traditional clothing). Her consistent approach of pushing past stereotypes and going beyond preconceived notions formed the basis of the ideas developed by Spread with the concept of renewal. Gray paper is used for the packaging, with the addition of a diagonal slit which unifies the brand impression. This packaging is used for items such as hand towels, original Sleeve Bags (which replicate the sleeve shape of kimono), scarves, and so on, which can be partially seen through the slits in the packaging. For items like wallets, we hot-foil stamped the surface of the package to complete the design, recreating the diagonal slit.

Art Direction & Design: Spread / Printing & Production: Watakeishiki Corp.

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