Haru Stuck-On Design;

Nitoms, Inc., 2016-
Photo: Agustí Carné, Ooki Jingu, Kazuhiro Kodaira, Daniel Koh, Takumi Ota, Takashi Suzuki

More In 2016, together with Nitoms developed the adhesive tape brand Haru Stuck-On Design; to create spaces with new ideas. Based on the concept: “the elementary colors of human memory,” Haru Stuck-On Design; uses color to revolutionize spatial design and styling with the concept of sticking on the color using eight color families, two pattern families, three materials, and four sizes for professional use. As the creative director of the brand, we are responsible for the product planning, selection of colors, packaging, brand books, exhibitions, and promotional tools. We were particular about color expression, overseeing the degree of color fixation on the product during the manufacturing process. Since its launch at Milan Design Week the same year, artworks composed with Haru Stuck-On Design; have been installed in Barcelona, Tokyo, Paris, Taipei, Vienna, London, Seoul, and other cities around the world.

Creative Direction & Design: Spread / PR: Miho Kawamura (Daily Press)

03_Installation, Milan 2019_bw image2 08_Installation, Milan 2018_bw image6 05_Installation, Tokyo 2019_bw 02_Installation, Milan 2019_bw 04_Installation, Milan 2019_bw 06_Installation, Tokyo 2016_bw 07_Installation, Tokyo 2016_bw 10_Installation, Milan 2017_bw 11_Installation, Milan 2017_bw 12_Installation, Singapore 2018_bw 13_Work, Barcelona_bw 14_Workshop, Tokyo 2017_bw 15_Insterllation, Kashiwa 2016_bw 17_Brand Book_bw 18_Brand Book_bw