Bring Color into Your Life

Nitto/Nitoms, 2018
Photo: Ooki Jingu

An exhibition of colors by the decorative tape brand HARU stuck-on design;
The number of visitors reached 50,000, spreading color throughout the city.

We were in charge of the art direction and space design for the exhibition, Bring Color into Your Life as a way of introducing Haru Stuck-On Design;. The exhibition was held during Milan Design Week. Inspired by the oldest art form in the world, cave murals, we exhibited a site-specific installation of color, words, light, and sound, based on the theme “imagination inspired by color.” It took place at Ventura Centrale, a space under the elevated railway tracks of Milan's Central Station. By decorating the aged walls and humid space with Haru Stuck-On Design;, we tried to create an expression that appealed to people's senses and sensitivity. At the venue, artwork was created in accordance with what great artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Klee, and Bruno Munari said about color. The entire space, including the floor, walls, and ceiling, were used to install two- and three-dimensional forms. The programmed light and sound that filled the venue triggered an expansion of color imagination, surprising and inspiring the visitors. Sample bars were also set up at the venue where visitors could experience the Haru Stuck-On Design; tape. Using tape in different colors and sizes, visitors enjoyed customizing their clothes and bags, becoming a hot topic in Milan Design Week.

Dates: April 17–22, 2018 / Venue: Ventura Centrale (Milan, Italy) / Creative Direction & Design: Spread / PR: Miho Kawamura (Daily Press), R+W / Construction: LPD Design S.r.l.

HARU_MDW18_01_DIV7358 HARU_MDW18_02_DIV7465_ HARU_MDW18_03_DIV6919_ HARU_MDW18_04_DIV8321_ HARU_MDW18_05_DIV7709 HARU_MDW18_06_DIV8375_ HARU_MDW18_07_DIV7721 HARU_MDW18_08_DIV6939 HARU_MDW18_10_DIV7665 HARU_MDW18_09_DIV7576 HARU_MDW18_11 HARU_MDW18_12_DIV6961 HARU_MDW18_13_DIV6765 HARU_MDW18_14_DIV6911 HARU_MDW18_15_DIV9636_ HARU_MDW18_16_DIV6899 HARU_MDW18_17_DIV6879 HARU_MDW18_18_DIV6768 HARU_MDW18_19_DIV9246_ HARU_MDW18_21_DIV7295_ HARU_MDW18_31_DIV7035_ HARU_MDW18_35_DIV7316_ HARU_MDW18_27_DIV7282 HARU_MDW18_38_DIV7132