HARU stuck-on design; bring color into your life
Ventura Centrale, Milan Design Week 2019
17-22 April 2018

When a crimson carpet is spread in a vacant space, that space is immediately enveloped in a rich, hallowed ambience; in the same vein, while decorating a space, color serves to affect peoples’ state of mind. More If only it were possible to introduce color more freely into a space so as to suit the situations and feelings of the moment… It was this thought that gave rise to HARU stuck-on design;, a decorative tape that is both functional and whose color leaves a lasting impression on people.

Based on the concept of changing a space by “sticking on color”, we held exhibitions in Milan in both 2016 and 2017. This year’s exhibition, the third year in a row, takes up the theme “bring color into your life”; against the backdrop of the underpass of Stazione Centrale di Milano (Milan Central Station), which has been closed for 30 years, the realm of imagination emanating from color is presented together with beautiful words associated with color.

The inspiration for this lies in what could be called ancient art – cave paintings. Shining light on them in the darkness, the vibrant colors of the paintings are imbued with the sentiments of those that painted them and the joy they found, and they make an impression on those that view them today. Color, the great invention of mankind, transcends the ages and culture; it has a close connection to us and elicits a variety of emotions. Within the venue, designs created using HARU stuck-on design; are displayed along with beautiful words associated with color from great masters from a variety of disciplines, such as Goethe, Van Gogh, Gorky, Munari and Sen no Rikyu.

By sticking on color, a space changes, expands, and becomes freer. In this place, we hope to communicate the creation of a new culture, that of “sticking on color” to the rest of the world.

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