Mgnet Co., Ltd., 2018-
Photography: Motoki Nihei

Rebranding of a metal case brand from Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture

We developed colors and textures that attract people with processing derived from the characteristics of the materials.

Mgnet is a company in Tsubame in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, which aims to brighten society from the perspective of craftsmanship and communication. We were in charge of art direction and design when the metal case brand, For, was established in 2018. We chose an object name for the product name ("Metal Case") to make it easier to appeal to consumers worldwide. In cultures where the exchange of business cards is rare, Metal Case can have multiple functions—as a card case, a jewelry case, a pill case, a personal case—to meet the needs of each user. At the time of development, the number and popularity of locally produced products was on the rise in Japan. However, we believed that authentic product value rather than local manufacturing would attract people. We suggested that rebranding their approach was essential. For's Black Series was announced first in 2018, as the color black is one of the colors created early in the history of mankind. Some of the other colors initially created in the past, such as red, gold, and silver, were selected for the new 2021 series, providing more variation to the product material.

Art Direction & Design: Spread / Production: Takeda Kanagata Seisakusyo Co., Ltd. / Photography: Motoki Nihei