Field Good

Eizuka Works Ltd., 2017
Photography: Ooki Jingu

Art direction and design for a household gardening brand
With performance and narrative in mind, we introduced a new color scheme not previously seen in shovels.

We were assigned the role of art direction and design for the home gardening brand, Field Good, based in Sanjo (Niigata Prefecture) and established by Eizuka Works. The concept of the brand is comfort in rich soil, remodeling regular shovels into a more sophisticated look which offers new style and enjoyment. Their high-end collection, Field Good In, represents the radiance of solid minerals found deeper underground. The theme of the standard line, Field Good On, which comes in earthy colors, is practicality and portability. Field Good Above is a refreshing casual line, expressing flower petals whirling in the wind. The three lines have introduced a new color scheme not previously seen in shovels, and although the regular shovel shape was kept for functionality, they still managed to increase their product value.

Client: Eizuka Works Ltd. / Supervision: Method Inc. / Art Direction & Design: Spread / Photography: Ooki Jingu