F Organics

Mash Beauty Lab Co., Ltd., 2013-
Photo: Akihiro Yoshida, Tsunehiko Okazaki

Launch of an organic cosmetics brand
Under the slogan “Organic is Sexy”, we used black and white to create a new brand image for organic cosmetics.

Aiming to expand natural and organic cosmetic culture, Mash Beauty Lab launched the skincare brand F Organics in 2013. This is the company’s original brand, developed to support women who lead positive lives while balancing beauty and health and respecting their own lifestyles. At a time when organic cosmetics were not readily available to the public, the aim was to affirm the use of organic cosmetics on a daily basis with the slogan “Organic is Sexy”. We resonated with these intentions and participated in the planning and marketing stages, then developing the name, logo, containers and cosmetic boxes. We also handled the art direction and design of the advertisements, brochures, etc. The color of the containers was set to white for items that remove dirt from the skin and black for items that add nutrients to the skin, creating an organic and neutral brand image, with simplicity at its foundation.

Brand Direction: Yoko Tagami / Art Direction & Design: Spread

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