Color Jungle

Tokyo Midtown Management Co., Ltd., 2021
Photography: Ooki Jingu

Spread has created a Christmas installation of large ribbons of fabric passed through an 80,000 m3 atrium in Tokyo, resulting in a colorful jungle-like space.

Abstract colorful landscapes envelop visitors and engage their imagination as they look from different directions, leaving impressions of a forest created by the accumulation of time, a giant tree as a symbol of life and a ribbon flying in the air.

Viewing the installation from all floors gave the feeling that one was seeing it through the eyes of a bird. Being lost in a colorful jungle brought joy and vitality to many.

“Color Jungle” is an installation to celebrate Christmas and create joy with color in people's hearts at the end of 2021 when the coronavirus pandemic was continuing. The venue, Tokyo Midtown, is located in a cultural area of Tokyo where museums and galleries are concentrated. The facility's traditional Christmas decorations consisted only of ready-made Christmas items such as Father Christmas and Christmas trees.

Societies are constantly changing, but the changes have been considerably more drastic in recent years. Because Tokyo Midtown is a leading cultural center in Tokyo, the idea was that there was a need for an abstract work that responded to social progress, departed from the previously established, and captured the imagination.

In three atriums of Tokyo Midtown, we passed large ribbon-like fabrics to compose a colorful jungle-like installation inspired by forest, water and light. A large, abstract landscape of colors appears in front of visitors and envelops them. Being lost in a colorful jungle created joy and vitality for some 1,500,000 visitors.

While the work was created in a large space, the amount of cloth used was compact when rolled up into fabric rolls, and the installation was designed with a minimal amount of material relative to the space it comprised. In addition, the hanging works can be reconstructed and it is possible to recycle the materials using them again and again.

Client: Tokyo Midtown Management Co., Ltd. / Art direction, Design: Spread / Construction: Nomura Duo Co.,Ltd. / Video: Ooki Jingu, Kazuhiro Kodaira / Venue: Tokyo Midtown (Akasaka, Minato City, Tokyo)

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