Color Appreciation

Organizer: Nitoms, Inc., 2019
Photography: Ooki Jingu

A site-specific installation in which colors are applied to the space of an abandoned factory site, where various contrasts such as city and nature, light and shadow are mixed.

We were in charge of the creative direction for an installation by Haru Stuck-On Design; during Milan Design Week. Haru Stuck-On Design; is washi tape for space decoration developed by Nitoms, Inc., who manufactures and sells day-to-day goods and medical/healthcare products.

The venue was an abandoned factory provided by Alcova, a platform for design exhibitions on historical sites. Our section was a strange, half-indoor and half-outdoor space without a ceiling, where wind blew and light and shadow mingled. It was a space where birds and insects gathered and plants grew through the floor tiles. It was filled with contrast: city and nature, light and shadow, life and death, and fate and coincidence.

Inspired by these, we set up a site-specific installation by applying colors to the space. Visitors felt exalted by it; some started embracing and kissing. We have always believed that color inspires emotion, and this installation proved so.

Date: April 9–14, 2019 / Venue: Alcova (Milan, Italy) / Creative Direction & Design: Spread / PR: Miho Kawamura (Daily Press) / Construction: LPD Design S.r.l, Waki Process Inc.

HARU_MDW18_00_INA8093 HARU_MDW18_07_INB8432 HARU_MDW18_01_INA8219 HARU_MDW18_02_INB8083 HARU_MDW18_05_INA8209 HARU_MDW18_08_INB8445 HARU_MDW18_11_INB9317 HARU_MDW18_15_INA8790 HARU_MDW18_09_INA8034