Spread recruits personnel

Spread is looking for the following personnel. We are open to highly motivated applicants.

Project Manager
Spread is looking for a creative-savvy project manager.The job is to oversee the progress of the creative team from the start of the project to the finish. We welcome applicants who can communicate in both Japanese and English. Please send your CV to pm@spread-web.jp.

Creative Stuff
SPREAD is looking for creative staff. Graphic work in the area of branding and communication design. Spatial design work in the realm of installations and exhibitions. Work in design, research, and planning across either or both of these areas. Please send your CV and portfolio (10MB or less) to cs@spread-web.jp.

Administrative Staff
SPREAD is looking for an Administrative Staff. This position is for general clerical work in our design studio. This is a one day a week position. Please send your CV to aa@spread-web.jp.

SPREAD is looking for an ambitious intern. This includes graphic, space, research, and support for a variety of projects. You will be involved in multiple projects for at least 2 months. Please send your CV and portfolio (10MB or less) to is@spread-web.jp.