Hosted at Tokyo Midtown every Autumn, “TOKYO MIDTOWN DESIGN TOUCH” is an annual event under the concept of “Enjoying design with all five senses”. Creative unit SPREAD was assigned to create an installation which they entitled “Roppongi Color Canyon”, for the events main content the “Design Forest”. Under the concept of “flooded with colors” SPREAD will cover the garden area of Tokyo Midtown to create a canyon of vibrant colors using fabrics with an overall length of 1km, portraying the ever changing views of the nature. Changing sunlight, and sudden waves of color surfaces. Embraced with colors, we hope for the viewers to enjoy their conversation with this color-scape.

Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH “Roppongi Color Canyon”
Installation by SPREAD
Date: October 18 − 11.4, 2019
Venue: Tokyo Midtown
Organizer: Tokyo Midtown