AXIS Web Magazineにて5月16日から8月27日まで連載しました、日刊「コロナとクリエイティブ」は100回目をもちまして終了いたしました。

“Coronavirus and Creative”, the daily feature of the web magazine AXIS, has come to its finale with the 100th issue. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, we embarked on this research-based publication project with one initial question: How can the creative industry make an impact in the world as it faces the pandemic? Observing creative activities undertaken day after day around the globe has helped us gain insights into the current status and reflect on them, while also providing inspiration as we plan our next actions. During our research, we were given opportunities to discover the diverse activities undertaken by people in different places, making us realize the extent of the resilience of the human race. Now, in August 2020, we have not yet come close to the end of this crisis, and so our research will go on for as long as the world continues to fight against the disease. To this end, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to our readers for their devotion, and hope to invite new readers to read the back issues and the post-project roundup article, all of which are available on our website.

Web Magazine AXIS Daily Feature  — “Coronavirus and Creative”
Published between May 15 – August 27 2020
Research conducted by: SPREAD