“COLOR GADGET” is a new brand by Milbon, a beauty product manufacturer that mainly handles hair items, for all people who enjoy hair coloring. We designed the brand logo and the packaging for the first item, a color shampoo, which comes in seven color variations and can be used for a variety of bleach designs.

The brand aims to give people the joy that hair color brings and to become a servant leader that supports and pulls up the hair coloring industry. The overall design is simple and neutral so that it can be accepted by a wide range of users as well as hair salons.

The brand logo is designed to be both friendly and powerful. The bottle is a clean black color like a medicine bottle, and the label is a grid of color gradients that reflect the concept that the color of shampoo varies depending on the condition of the hair, and that each individual’s color is created by their own personality.

Art direction & Design: Spread