Spread by Spread: What Color is Tomorrow?” online gallery

The exhibition “Spread by Spread: What Color is Tomorrow?” ended in a huge success on November 7th. A total of 8,376 visitors participated in 12 days. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who have come and offered us support.
During the exhibition, visitors watched the work for hours, many of them were so impressed and even shed tear, asked enthusiastic questions, and being stimulated in various senses. Once again, we were being reminded that the power of color can move human emotions. We are pleased to know that this exhibition has become a platform for visitors to experience the joy from the colors inside us.

Here is our online gallery revealing the exhibition taken with a 360° camera.
Be amazed!

WebVR production: Uttzs

Articles about this exhibition are posted on the website of Casa Brutus. Exhibits captions are summarized in a comprehensive manner so please take a look.

Spread by Spread: What Color is Tomorrow?
Dates: Wednesday 27 October–Sunday 7 November, 2021
Organizer: Spread
Planning Cooperation: Spiral
Venue Cooperation: Wacoal Art Center
Construction Cooperation: Waki Process Inc.
PR: Daily Press
Photo: Ooki Jingu, Kazuhiro Kodaira
Special Thanks: Takeo Co., Ltd. / Toyokasei Co., Ltd. / Mgnet Co., Ltd. / Live Art Books Inc. / Print + Plant
Sponsors: NBC Meshtec inc., crowdfunding sponsors*Part of the funds for the production and organization of this solo exhibition were attained through the crowdfunding platform Green Funding.
Support: Nagaoka Institute of Design