Celvoke 「2022 S/S Makeup Collection」

The 2022 S/S Makeup Collection of the beauty brand “Celvoke” is starting on January 7th with the collection theme “New brightness with emotion ~Unfamiliar light and emotional brilliance~”. We are in charge of art direction for key visuals, expressing multi-perspective brilliance such as glitter and metallic.

Celvoke 2022 S/S Makeup Collection
Planning & Development & Sales Agency: Mash Beauty Lab / Brand Direction: Yoko Tagami / Art Direction & Design: Spread / Photography: Akinori Ito (Aosora) / Makeup Art: Mikako Kikuchi (Tron) / Hair Styling: Koichi Nishimura (Vow-Vow) / Styling: Kei Shirahata / Video: Keita Hoizumi / Motion Graphics: Wow / Projection: Tomoya Kishimoto / Music: Hiroki Saitoh