「Much Peace, Love and Joy」movie

The video of Milan Design Week 2021 in September 2021 was a huge success. The installation “Much Peace, Love and Joy” at Alcova at the remains of a military hospital revealed splendid colors spread in the light of Milan.

The number of visitors reached 55,000 in despite of the travel restrictions all around the world. Be amazed by “Much Peace, Love and Joy” resembling approx. 1,200 floating color fragments and “Mesh Virus-Control Flag Partition”, the combination of new technologies to suppress virus with mesh materials.

Much Peace, Love and Joy at Alcova, Milan Design Week 2021
Dates: 04 – 12 September, 2021
Venue: Alcova
Location: Via Simone Saint Bon n.1, Milan, Italy
Produce: Mika Takizawa (Dentsu Live) / Art Direction & Design: Spread / PR:Miho Kawamura (Daily Press) /Manufacturing: Atelier Inadome, NBC Meshtec, Sutoka, Live Art Books, Print + Plant / Construction: LPD Design, H.Yamamoto / Cooperation: NBC Meshtec, Takeo, Waki Process, Yuko Noguchi, Haruna Yamazaki