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Color Gadget

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The National Art Center, Tokyo 10th Anv.

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Sense of Wonder Artbook, DVD & Borage


Timeless, Mountain

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Journal of Architecture and Building Science

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Axis Photo Marche

04_正しい相対性理論 05_正しい相対性理論 06_正しい相対性理論

Tadashii Soutaiseiriron

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The Nature of Time Exhibition

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Cocytus Kana Hanazawa

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Yakushimaru Etsuko / Radio Onsen Eutopia

11_相対性理論 「TOWN AGE」

Soutaiseiriron “Town Age”

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Miele Dishwashers Stories

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3.11 Film Festival

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Honba Yuki Tsumugi

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Japan Water


Outline of Design